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Roshan Industrial Factory, with more than half a century of experience in Iran’s industry, was established in 1355 by the efforts of Mr. Abbas Fethullahi. At the beginning of its activity, this industrial unit was the first producer of incandescent lamps in Iran, and the name of the factory was chosen according to this.
Since a decade after its construction, this factory has provided many products and services to the industry of this country in different units.

After gaining a lot of experience in the industry of this region, Roshan faced changes in its organizational structure at the end of 2008. Also, these developments have included changes in the quality approach of products, increase in engineering services, and also changes in the outsourcing policies of the company by using the industrial units of the contracting party of this company.

Currently, the company is working in three different fields. The first field is related to the design and construction of food processing machinery (often related to oilseeds). Another field of activity is related to the design and construction of single-walled and double-walled tanks (atmospheric and under pressure) in order to store liquids and granular materials as well as cooking liquids. Also, the company is active in the field of design and manufacture of roll forming equipment and design of production lines and related molds.

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