Balmil with a tank

Balmil with a tank

The ball mill machine (ball mill) has two types: ball mill with mixer and continuous flow ball mill. Two walls are formed with a pellet chamber, in which the process of mixing the product and wear between the pellets takes place at the same time.

These balmils are suitable for producing all kinds of mold and tablet chocolate, bar chocolate, nut chocolate in all kinds of cakes and toffee, coating chocolate for covering wafers and ice cream, breakfast chocolate, as well as all kinds of cream and butter from oil seeds, including cream sesame), hazelnut cream, pistachio cream and peanut butter.

Due to the type of operation of this device, the primary product must be circulated within the device for a certain time and other materials are gradually added to it to produce the final product. becomes

Balmills have a product temperature adjustment system by adjusting the water between the two walls. The circulation system in this device causes the homogeneous product and its granulation to be continuously reduced. Circulation pump is also used to transfer chocolate to storage and filling tanks.

In this model, the device has been optimized by removing the gears of the chains and changing the model of the gearbox compared to the previous models. Also, the shape of the water flow profile has been changed by changing the appearance of the double-walled glass to increase the speed of changes in the final temperature of the product.

It is possible to soften the product in this machine by 25-30 microns according to the operating time. Also, the magnet chamber in this device separates the metallic particles present in the raw materials.

These ball mills can be manufactured from laboratory size to higher capacities and are available in 30 liter (laboratory), 100, 350, 600 and 1200 liter sizes. It takes about 4 hours to produce chocolate, and 4 to 7 hours to produce all kinds of butter and oilseed cream.

Tank capacity: 100 to 1200 kg

Application: Production of all kinds of molded and tablet chocolates, bars, nuts, coating, breakfast chocolates, as well as creams and butters from oil seeds, including sesame creams, hazelnut creams, pistachio creams, and peanut butters.

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