Saving of energy

Engineering Services: Saving of energy based on inverter technology

Usage of frequency inverters to optimize electrical energy has various advantages that were separated to following items:

1. General Advantages of frequency inverter usage

  • Enormous reduction of start-up motor current
  • Capacitor banks will be omitted
  • Reduction of mechanical shocks and vibrations
  • Longer life of motor ball bearings
  • All protect elements as B-Metals will be omitted
  • Star-Delta contactors will be omitted
  • Current protection with 1A resolution
  • Full protections with automatic alarms
  • Protection against high temperature, over voltage and phase losses
  • Reduction of harmonics with a proper input chocks

2. Special Advantages dependent to applications

  • Fixed speed applications as conveyers
  • Fixed torque applications as extruders
  • Controlled speed/torque applications as pumps, fans, compressors, cooling towers