Milling machines

This machine is generally used to grind and mill oilseeds and specially used for milling sesame and Sunflower seeds and producing different types of tahini. Three different models are; one, two & three rough and soft milling cylinders that are made with a similar structure but different motor revolution.


Currently the mill cooling system is water-cooled. This machine have a manually efficiency control device for milling process.

Another type of milling machine just used for sesame seeds has low production capacity, But the quality of tahini is very fine . These machines are made in the size of stone diameter of 60 to 150 cm


Type Explanation (mm) Dimension Power
Tahini Quality
100 One cylinder 1400 650 650 15 130
200 Two cylinder 1/1 1850 100 30 2300 80
300 Three cylinder 1/2 2400 2000 1800 45 70
Capacity 300 kg per hours