Gas roaster



Roasters are divided into two categories that according to their size and models have a capacity between100 kg to 1000 kg per hour:
One model of roasters is made by of double-wall furnace and heat by steam or heated oil. These roasters are made in single-floor and Multi-floor models (fuel: steam or heated oil).
Another model of rosters is called bunker type. These roasters are manufactured in various sizes and capacities. Heating operation is performed by direct flame (fuel: gas).
Also, dryers fed by hot air and design as a bladed cylinder that according to their Length and diameter have a different capacity.


Type Explanation Capacity (kg/h)
101 Single-Floor / (fuel: steam or heated oil) 100
102 Single-Floor / (fuel: gas) 100
103 Single-Floor / (fuel: gas) 200
105 Seven-Floors / (fuel: steam or heated oil) 650
110 Seven-Floors / (fuel: steam or heated oil) 1000